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  Model number: TA-711  
Type Pneumatic
Weight 10kg
Stroke 300mm
Air source 4 – 5 kgf/cm2
Equipment used IMPAC (TS-611), TF-621,
  Model number: TA-721  
Type Pulse motor
Weight 12kg
Stroke 400mm
± 0.01mm Minimum
Maximum speed 300mm/sec
Option Z-Axis pneumatic type
(Stroke: 50mm)
Equipment used MAXEED (TS-621), TF-621, TI-631
  Feeder Unit  
Model number TF-621
Weight 1kg (excluding solder)
Solder diameter Ø 0.5 – Ø 1.6 *
Detection function Pulse motor
Drive system Solder end and clogged solder path
Air source 4 – 5 kgf/cm2
Other Soldering iron drive solenoid valve incorporated
*Select an appropriate input nozzle and tube set from the standard parts listings in accordance with the solder diameter
  Soldering Iron  
Model number TI-631
Weight 0.4kg (excluding soldering iron tip and heater)
Soldering iron drive Air cylinder
Soldering iron stroke 15mm
Soldering iron used TK type
Heater used

TH type

Optional parts

Smoke discharge kit (TV-611)
Soldering iron mounting bracket (TR-621)

  TS-621 Features  
  • 99-condition-set soldering controller
  • Simultaneous 2-axis controller (one axis can be used freely)
  • Operation program free
  • Limitless data/program read/write operations via the communication port
  * A 1kg wire solder winding is used  
  TS-611 Features  
  • Controller specially designed for one-condition soldering
  • Comes standard with the Z-axis and other air cylinder drive features
  • Data read and multiple-condition programmed operations are achievable via the communication port
  * A 1kg wire solder winding is used  
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